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In physical therapy we use the mechanical effects of ultrasound ie. sound at a frequency of 16,000 Hz and up, so that the mechanism of action, therapeutic effect falls within the scope of mechano-therapies, ie. the high-frequency tissue indepth-micro-massage . Biological effects of ultrasound based on its mechanical, thermal and chemical effects. Mechanical action comes from the ultrasonic pulsations resulting in a special micro-massage of tissue cells. Thermal effects are manifested by moderate elevation of local tissue temperature which is treated, within the limits of penetration of the wave and expressed vasodilatation. Chemical action is manifested by amplification of oxidative processes in the tissues and acceleration of their metabolism. Ultrasonic devices have the ability to show continuous and pulsed ultrasound. In pulsed ultrasound thermal effect is absent, remains mechanical, so it has the advantage of the acute painful conditions and fresh injuries, sensitivity to heat, and wherever we need to apply it to avoid thermal effects. Also pulsed ultrasound reduces increased muscle tone.